Curriculum Ideas - Middle School

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Grade 6 Egypt - Google Earth, Flickr, Wiki, Prezi

Lesson Summary (narrative):
Egypt has often been called the ”Gift of the Nile”. The Nile River provided water and food in this desert area allowing it to develop into one of the greatest of early civilizations. Students will research the Nile River and show how the ancient Egyptians interacted with their environment to build their civilization. Students will begin by reading from their text about the geography of Egypt. Using Web 2.0 tools Google Earth, Flickr, Wiki, and Prezi students will collaboratively create a final project which shows their understanding of the importance of a geographic feature, such as a river, which can influence human activity and lasting achievements. Copyright and fair use guidelines will also be reviewed with the students.Web 2.0 Egypt Project.doc

Smartboard Lesson

This lesson is for middle school students and addresses the differences between beat and rhythm and gives many examples of each. Click on buttons below to open lesson plan, handouts, and SMART notebook file.