Curriculum Ideas - Fine Arts

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The Foundations of Art class; an introductory high school class, created papier mache Venetian masks. They practiced their reflection and critique skills, which were introduced during this lesson, by blogging. This was their homework assignment for the week. I also used to make it easier to get to my school website. We are still working on the VoiceThread component and will add that link when it is


Google Docs

Other Google Tools


The Art History class had a lottery to determine if they were a Christian, Jewish, or Islamic artisan living in Jeruselum during the Middle Ages. They had a character sheet to fill out and a "Helpful Websites" page. They wrote their script and then created a podcast with music that matched their culture. These podcasts will be added to their page on the school website below photos of the 2 pieces of artwork they are claiming to have created. Here is an example of what students will be creating.

Yori in Jeruselum - Melissa Kristiansen


Slide Share


Vodcasting (; YouTube, etc.)

The Art History class worked in teams to create a dream house for a Greek God or Goddess. The presentations were video taped and have been put into a movie that they will be using for a blog critique of the project.


The Foundations of Art class will be creating a cray pas design that incorporates all the Elements and Principles of Art that they just completed. For homework they will each receive an element or principle to define and add to their class wiki as a resource to improve their understanding of these vocabulary terms. They will then "swap" words and work to improve the site.